Damels Don’t Wear Glasses

About the Story

Damsels Don't Wear Glasses is an action/urban fantasy series set in a city populated by mythical creatures and magic. It follows a tough. dry-humored woman named Lave Faraday, who spends her days investigating and occasionally fighting rogue magic-users and necromancers. After taking down a horde of zombies (slightly unusual for a Monday), Lave is tasked with looking after a 12 year old boy named Jake for reasons no-one will tell her.

The Story so Far

Chapter One

Lave interrupts a group of would-be necromancers, led by a college dropout named Kestrel who somehow got his hands on an ominous green orb. Things start to go wrong when Lave steals the sacrificial goat and begins to snarkily taint the group; much to Kestrels growing annoyance, prompting him to accidentally break the glowing orb. As an explosion of Necrotic power erupts across the graveyard Lave attempts to drag Kestrel to safety, fighting off the horde of zombies in her way.

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Kest is bitten in the escape, and while waiting for rescue, something starts to possess his body. Taken by surprise, Lave is forced to fight him, managing to hold Kest off with her sword until the zombie horde finds them again. As things start to look bleak a crystal appears in the sky, summoning pink snow that seemingly expells the necrotic energy. Kest seems to throw up whatever was possessed him before he collapse. Sometime later he wakes up in an ambulance, wondering where Lave has gone (and struggling to remember her name). We cut back to Lave retrieving the goat, wondering if she'll be blamed for things going wrong as she gazes up at the crystal.

Chapter Two

Two weeks after the 'graveyard incident', Lave is summoned by her supervisor Gena and given a new job: taking care of a 12-year-old named Jake. Neither Lave nor Jake is particularly happy with the arrangement, but neither has a choice.

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Things don't start off well when Jake is scared off by the none human workers at the station. After a small scuffle between Jake and Lave a taxi is called, Gena tries one more time to ask Lave, with full sincerity: to look after Jake. However, on the way home Lave quickly becomes bored with non-magical transportation and instead takes Jake through a Leyline-shortcut leading directly to her apartment. There Jake is introduced to her roommate Chiro, who is a large bat. While trying to make himself at home Jake takes notice of a strange glowing butterfly. Anxious at first, he decides to release it out the window rather then kill it.

The butterfly flutters up skyward, only to be crushed in the hands of an unknown watcher. Words spoken by everyone throughout the night flow out of the insect and surround this strange horned figure, insinuating it had been listening and recording everyone.

Chapter Three

A ghastly scene takes place somewhere far away. Meanwhile after being woken by an erratic phone call, Lave uses the Leyline-shortcut to take Jake to a secret pawn shop. There he meets The Clerk who informs Lave they may need help finding a stolen item.

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Clerk informs Lave the unknown orb from the graveyard incident has stirred up the Indigo Merchants, people who deal in magical (and often illegal) items. Danni, the neurotic Goblin-bird begs Lave to help reclaim an enchanted axe, one of many items taken in a string of robberies. After agreeing to find the axe Lave decides to take Jake to a Demeter Market.

Chapter Four

Somewhere, closer than before, a man stands in a dilapidated building. Lave takes Jake around a market full of none human creatures and tries to get him to relax. Things don't go well however when Jake suffers a mental break and puts himself in danger.

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After panicking and running blindly into the crowd Jake manages to injure himself. Lave cuts a statue in half so Jake (and the local shoppers) aren't crushed to death. In the chaos Lave loses Jake and is forced to flee when she encounters local law-enforcement.

Alone and badly injured Jake collapses down a flight of stairs, only to be saved by a familiar glowing butterfly. Confused by the insect seemingly talking inside his head, and refusing to move from his hiding spot, Jake wakes up in a strange dreamscape. There he talks to a strange person with a skeletal tail who introduces themselves as Aishe.

Meanwhile Lave recruits Chiro and the bat leads her to The Haunts where she finds an unconscious Jake. Jake wakes up but the relief is short lived as a van drives up. Someone called Coober kicks out a roughed up looking Kestrel as the would-be necromancer begs for more time to get them money. As the scene becomes violent Lave intervenes.