Damels Don’t Wear Glasses
June 8, 2020

So some Quick announcements!

Spiderforest's 2020 application season has started! So if you’re interesting in applying by all means check it out. Click here to apply

 DDWG has been reviewed by Comicadia! I was very chuffed upon finding out! So if you’re interested in reading it Click here.

I’m taking the rest of June and July off. Sad to say I’ll be attending a funeral on the 16th. So DDWG is going to be taking a break. I haven’t been drawing new pages since May but buffer has managed to pull me through until now. I’ll need to replenish, so you can expect DDWG to come back early August. I know it sucks, I hate taking time off, but it needs to happen. However, I will have something non-DDWG related to show you near the end of June.


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