Damels Don’t Wear Glasses
December 18, 2018

And this is the last update of year! I was hoping to finish this chapter off before 2019, but sadly due to health issues in November I completely ate through my buffer. On the plus side it did do its job and I didn’t miss an update!

Anyway, if things go according to plan you guys should get the last few pages in January. After that I’m taking my annual hiatus to restock on buffer for the next Chapter. Again, just reminding peeps I have merged chapters 2 and 3 into one big chap. So if anyone's confused why the next chapter is going to be chapter 5 and not 6, well there’s your answer. I still need to renumber everything.

Thanks for reading! Can’t wait for you guys to see the end of this chap. It’ll hopefully get you hyped for the next part!!!

🎉Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!🎉

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