Damels Don’t Wear Glasses
Guest Art!
December 12, 2017
The artist this month is Christina Major A fellow Spiderforest Comrade who makes the webcomic Sombulus. Check her out!

A zealous paladin, brilliant energy harvester, and curious spiky haired tinkerer set off on fantastic adventures through the strange, surreal, magical and mystery-riddled Myriad Worlds of Sombulus, leaving each place a little more weird than the last.

Guest Art!
December 5, 2017

I’m super happy to promote the first Guest Artist this Month.
Mortooncian aka the artist and writer of the Webcomic Comicide! Which can be found on Taptastic or here! Check out her stuff! Her colors and surreal designs are amazing. <3

Faustine, a woman who decides if morally-ambiguous people go to Heaven or Hell, already has a hard job cut out for her. However, add in her bizarre coworkers, and things get more complicated...   

November 28, 2017

It’s spot the cameos again!

Arbalests Haelu and Agari (top)

And Star cross’d Destinys Juno and Shades! (bottom)


So yep! Last update of 2017! At least for the comic updates! Staring the 5th of December and ending the 26th We’ll be featuring guest art from 4 AWESOME artists who were kind enough to volunteer their skills to me. ;-;

Normal updates will resume again on the 2nd of January!

Patreon rewards will not be pausing for December.

Thank you for sticking with DDWG guys! It really means alot to me!

Follow me on Twitter or on my Tumblr if you want updates on what’s happening!

Thank you again!

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