Damels Don’t Wear Glasses
An appeal
February 17, 2020

Hey guys! How’s it going? Just letting you all know I have enough buffer now to keep updating weekly until the start of May. But depending on my situation, I might have to take a bit of a hiatus after that.

Long story short, I need to start looking for more paid work, for like. Life things like moving out and learning to drive and doing other adult stuff. Which sadly means I’ll need time off from working on DDWG. I do however want to try and promote my patreon.

I’ve been working on DDWG since 2013. It has always been a passion project for me, though the money I have made off it has helped a lot and I’m grateful for peeps pitching in. Even making it this far has been a blast! it’s always fun to read everyone’s reactions for each page haha.

But I want to see this project through, and if I can get more stable income through patreon I can start updating more often. I’m aiming for twice every other week, which I think is more than possible with my current art speed.

I’m not looking to completely cover my living income, but enough where I can work part time and make the comic while possibly paying rent.

Anyway Thanks for reading, seriously thank you. I hate asking but it really would help if you could toss a few bucks my way. If not I love ya anyway, helping me get the word out would also be grand. -Alice


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