Damels Don’t Wear Glasses
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May 20, 2019

FAQ’s are open till the hiatus ends!!!

Hey so this is going to be a bit of a text dump! So bare with me!

Thank yous!

First! To those who support me on Patreon. Holy crap words cannot be expressed (tho I’ll try) how I am both extremely flattered and a bit terrified that people are willing to support me financially. I recently reached past the $150 mark and it’s such a game changer when I have that extra bit a month! Believe me I am so grateful!

Secondly I’d like to thank you all for reading the comic! Both to my general commenters (who I deeply appreciate because you keep me drawing) and my silent readers who might be too shy or just plum forget to comment because they read 50 other webcomics! It happens, I do it to!

Also a shout out to the archive bingers out there who are just now catching up or waited for the whole chap to finish before starting chapter 4! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to check out my stuff!

The hiatus

So now that the chapters done, I’ll be taking my post-chap hiatus. Because chapter 4 was so long I’m afraid this break will be a little longer then the others, especially with the upcoming conventions on top of the usual pre-new chapter prep work.

If you want to keep track of my progress I strongly suggest following me on twitter (link button in the side bar!)

First Conventions!

So Alice is moving up in the world and will be attending her first convention in her home town of Birmingham in August! And after that, I’ll be attending THOUGHT BUBBLE in November! You’ll be able to buy part 1 of the first chapter (redrawn) there, as well as some cool merch! Follow me on twitter to get updates on what’s happening!

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