Damels Don’t Wear Glasses
Info dump
February 24, 2020

Hi again! Hope everyone’s having an awesome week.

First things first. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the lovely people who pledged to my patreon this week. I really appreciate the gesture. Like Lordy Lou I can’t thank you enough. SO THANK YOU.

Anyway, back to future things!

Coming in March

Binge Bundle: For those who don’t know yet, I’’ve started releasing all my buffer on patreon. I’ll be putting up all of March and April’s pages in the $15 tier. Expect them to go up next Tuesday!

Jump Ahead: Still going strong! See what happens a week before the public update! Now on the $10 Tier

Redrawn Pages: Still continuing to redraw chapter one Pages. Only now their on the $5 Tier. For those interested, we’ve reached the point Lave started fighting the zombies, so wanna see her punch undead now that I can actually draw muscles? Now’s your chance!

New World Building Page: It’s been awhile. So expect a new world building page to show up in March, which will eventually be put up at the end of this current chapter. Now also on the $5 Tier.


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